Re: alternate undo logic (nvi style)

Is it possible to get a nvi style undo feature added?  I use nvi all the time and I find its way of handling undo to be easier to use.  Specifically, what is does is:
  1) "u" undoes the last operation (just like normal)
  2) A second "u", immediately following the first w/o any other command, re-does what was just undone.
  3) "." immediately after a "u" repeats the "u" command.  If "u" was undoing, "." keeps undoing previous commands.  If "u" was re-doing, "." keeps redoing things that were previously undone.



Re: alternate undo logic (nvi style)

Eric, thanks for the suggestion, I think this should be part of the things doable with ViEmu scripting the day it is implemented, since it is a bit of a "niche" feature, and it should be a breeze to implement if given the right scripting support.


  -- Jon