Re: 1.4.4-alpha-3 is available with some minor improvements

You can download it with this link:


You need to uninstall previous versions manually before installing this one.

Changes since the last official version (1.4.3):

- F/T motions fixed when used as operator arguments
- '' and `` now never switch buffers, as in vim - they go to the line of the last jumped-from position within the current file
- (Lousy) implementation of :cn and :cp (they don't set the focus to the window containing the error, you need to press ESC for that). To be improved.

I was about to 'fix' the behavior of '' and ``, by making it not jump if the latest jumped-to position is in another window,  but, lately, I've learned enough not to 'fix' a program which has been in use for over 20 years. I'm sure some people depend on the (quirky) behavior.

All comments are welcome.