Re: VIEmu - VS2008 - Virtual PC

I using VS2008 in a Virtual PC Environment - with VIEmu 2.2.9.

It was working just fine -
now - all of a sudden - my keys are 'psuedo' working - meaning sometimes i get into an INSERT mode - and cant get out (using Esc) unless I move my mouse and highlight some text

I tried resetting the keys - but that doesnt seem to work

Any thoughts?

*** EDIT ***
Ok, -nothing to do with VIEmu - something wierd with Virtual PC 2007

Installed VirtPC 2007 - SP1 - rebooted - and things working again.

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Re: VIEmu - VS2008 - Virtual PC

It's weird, I've used ViEmu ocasionally in a Virtual PC environment, with different versions of VS and Windows, and never had such a problem. Some customers, notably John Lam of IronRuby fame, uses ViEmu always in a virtualized environment under a Mac.

Is the problem persistent? Is it reproducible? Any extra hints would be helpful.

I'd guess it's something more having to do with VPC than with VS or ViEmu.


Re: VIEmu - VS2008 - Virtual PC

Nutshell, great to hear it is already fixed. It did indeed sound like a VPC thing!