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I am just trying out ViEmu with VS2008 and it is really great.  One muscle memory I have is :e <filename> then ctrl+6 to return to the previous buffer.  Typically use this for switching between headers and cpp files.  Anyways, :e works but is slooooow.  Ctrl+6 doesn't seem to do anything except hang VS (1 of my cpu's is basically pegged and the wait cursor is spinning).  I am Win 7 64 bit.  Any ideas?


Re: Ctrl+6 and :e

Hello, thanks for the kind comment.

About :e, I guess "slow" refers to having to write the full filename? If not, what does it refer to? It doesn't seem slow per se here.

I have just checked Ctrl-6 in VS2008 and I had to remove the existing keybinding of the Ctrl-6 keypress in Tools|Options|Environment|Keyboard (it was bound to Debug.LocationToolbar.ThreadCombo), but after that, it worked perfectly. Can you check that, and if that isn't the problem, please let me know what file types you are editing? It might make a difference.

It might be related to Win7 64-bit, but let's check the other possible reasons first.

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Re: Ctrl+6 and :e

So :e worked with just the filename (no path).  It just took a long time to execute.  I was trying to open a file in the same directory as the file that was currently open.

On the ctrl-6 thing, I removed the key binding.  It works fine now as long as you're not on the first file that you opened.  As I recall from regular vi, multiple presses of ctrl-6 cycle you back and forth through the same two files.  This seems to take you back to the previously opened file, but doesn't mark the file you were in as previous and hangs on the second consecutive press.

Example (in case the above is confusing):
Expected Behavior
Open File A
:e File B
Ctrl-6 makes File A be active
Ctrl-6 makes File B active

Actual Behavior
Open File A
:e File B
Ctrl-6 makes File A be active
Ctrl-6 hangs VS (where hang is spin CPU, and VS is non-responsive)

Note: just hitting Ctrl-6 on first file without opening any other file works fine and does nothing.

Note2: Doesn't seem to matter how many files you have open and have navigated through, the second ctrl-6 hangs VS.

I am editing c++ files. (.cpp/.h)


Re: Ctrl+6 and :e

Kwolfe19, can you please provide some more info? I've just tried this in both VS 2003 and VS 2008, and it works fine for me. Indeed, the behavior is what you describe, which was the intented behavior.

I'm thinking there might be some interaction with another 3rd party add-in. Do you have Visual Assist, Resharper or Coderush? Can you go to Help|About, click "Copy", and paste the contents back here? It could be helpful.


  -- Jon