Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.28 ready

I have just uploaded ViEmu for Visual Studio 2.0.28:


It needs a manual uninstall of previous 2.0.x versions before installing this one.

These are the issues addressed in this release:

- Ctrl-T/Ctrl-D in "virtual space" work fine (after o/O with autoindent)
- :bd now removes the buffer from the buffer list (it also closes the file if it's the current file, not if it isn't)
- <c-t> now invokes View.PopBrowseContext (poor man's tag stack pop)
- :set [no]remap implemented to disable all recursive mapping
- infinite mapping loops detected & cut (eg, :map n l and :map l n)
- visual block done by ^Q j $ now extends to the $ of each line

Let me know if something's not right. I will keep working in the other pending issues.

Thanks for all the feedback!

  - Jon