Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling


First, let me say - I love your software - I use it daily and its a lifesaver.

I have experienced 3 VS crashes in the last 2 days - this occurs when I am moving Upward in the document (I belive I was using the K key).

And as any dev knows, when you have a number of FooBar.vb* files active and VS crashes - its not a pretty site smile

The whole VS locks up - I get a Not Responding on the Title bar and I have to shut it down.

I am running on a XP SP2 (fully patched) , .NET 1.1 , VS 2003 system
I was in  VB code (*if that matters at all)



Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling


I apologize for the problems. I will be researching it here during the weekend and I'll get back in touch with you.

There is one crash which happens when you press gS in normal mode. It doesn't seem likely that is the problem, but I thought I'd ask. I have that one already fixed and I will be releasing in a few days, as soon as all other problems are solved.

I'll get in touch with you by e-mail to try to get the extra info I need.

Thanks for posting about this,



Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling

Thanks Jon, I am in high production mode here so I had to roll back to 1465


Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling

Ok, I apologize for the hassles. I have been banging at the keyboard in VB/VS.NET2003: using the designer to create and edit forms, doing all kinds of text editing operations, etc... but I have been unable to reproduce it. I'll get back in touch with you in a few days to see if you can help me track down and fix the bug.

Thanks for the report,



Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling

Thanks Jon for this - I am not sure if its VIEmu or not - but, i hadn't experienced this behavior before the 2.0 install.
I will let you know if I run across it again.

Other things in my Solution - I have 2 web services for this , but wasnt in their project at the time, I was in a simple Library project.


Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling

Update: Just had a similar VS Crash , not on a scroll up , just in general - so maybe its just something in my environment , will reinstall the 2.0 version to see if its just me smile

Sorry for any problems.

I truely love this util


Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling


Just had it crash again - when I was scrolling up using the 'k' key.  - lost some work.

I have some crash files in a Zip file if you want them


Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling

Please send them to me by e-mail, in case I can see something. I'll get back in touch with you by e-mail. I apologize for the lost work sad sad


Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling


I have carefully reviewed the crash dump files you sent me. These are my findings:

- None of the threads of the process are in ViEmu.dll or show any ViEmu.dll call in the thread's call stack
- What seems like the 'main' UI thread is somewhere in nview.dll, which is an nvidia driver DLL
- This thread seems to have arrived into nview.dll somehow from CreateWindowEx()
- Inspecting the stack of the thread seems to show that the CreateWindowEx() call was trying to create a VsTipWindow, and nview.dll gets called for some reason (seems reasonable if it is a 'SAVEBITS' window such as a tooltip window)

Although the information is not definitive, as a crash dump file doesn't have all the info, it seems there is some interaction with NVidia's drivers. Could you try turning graphics acceleration off in Windows? A second possibility, although less clear-cut, would be to upgrade the video drivers.

As to my interpretation of how ViEmu 2.0 could  trigger this, the VS integration in 2.0 is so different that it's pretty possible that the sequence of window update and creation events could be very different, and could involve a buggy codepath in the drivers.

Of course, it is entirely possible that ViEmu is causing this 'freezes' directly, but the crash dump files I reviewed seem to point into an entirely different direction.

Please let me know anything else that you come up with. If there are other crashes, it would be good to collect crash dump files so that I can review them and let you know whether it looks like the same problem.

Best regards,



Re: VS 2003 Crashing - ViEmu 2.0 - on Up Scrolling

And, by the way, there is also a DLL loaded in that environment which could cause weird graphics interactions - wbhelp.dll from "C:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\". It might be worth trying to remove it.