Re: Defining macros in .viemurc

I am using the ViEmu plugin for VS2008.

I was wondering if there is a way to set a macro in the .viemurc file, so I don't have to redo it every time I start up VS.

I know that it can be done in regular Vim via:

:let @s="0ftwwy$bp"

This will set a macro on register 's' for example.

Doing the same in .viemurc so far just got me an error message.


Re: Defining macros in .viemurc

Currently this isn't available in ViEmu - I asked for this feature a few months ago and Jon added it to his todo list. So maybe if we're lucky it will be added to v2.5. Any news on this Jon?


Re: Defining macros in .viemurc

That would be nice indeed.

Right now I'm helping myself along with key mappings, but that way the number of macro shortcuts is limited, unless I am willing to cripple my fingers to make <Shift-Alt-Ctrl - *> happen wink.

So either the ability to set macros or multi key mappings would be dandy.


Re: Defining macros in .viemurc

Hello Thlorenz and Rob,

I was indeed planning to add this to ViEmu 2.5, but I've had to drop it or I would never finish it. I will add it in later. ViEmu 2.5 does have multiple-key mappings and a few other exciting features. It's now basically finished, and as soon as I finish catching up with the pending support requests here and over email, I will put together and publish a pre-release test version (since it includes the new licensing system, I want to do some serious testing before notifying everyone).

The beginning of 2010 has been quite a beast to deal with, but I think I will now be able to start managing everything better and many good things will happen to ViEmu and Codekana in the next few months. Not the least of which the VS2010 versions of both!


  -- Jon