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I'm actually waiting moving my product over to VS2010 until Viemu supports it.  I really hope we've got something soon.


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We have the RTM of VS2010 now ... upgrading to that in a day or two.

VIEMU where are U!!! wink


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Please include me on the beta.  I've just upgraded to the VS2010 RTM, and I'm going crazy with the standard editor.  I end up copying everything into gvim and back, it's terrible.  I'll run debug builds or whatever.  Submit stack traces, etc.  Help me!!!


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Hi Jon

Like many others, I'm dying out here without viemu ;-) but I have to be honest and say that I switched to VS2010 for Silverlight 4 and the convenience of the built in XAML editor (less switching between VS and Blend) so I brought it on myself. I knew that life (temporarily) without viemu wasn't going to be easy but I didn't quite realise that it would become unbearable after... oh... I don't know... say... about 7 minutes?

Of course I also want it (NEED it), but I'm a programmer myself ;-) so I just want to say thanks for a great product and don't stress over it. What we're losing now in productivity is insignificant compared to what you've saved us over the years. I don't mean this as extra pressure, just to say thanks and good luck with your development efforts.



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Currently I really feel a bit handicapped without ViEmu in VS2010. I have the VS2010 release version installed, but without ViEmu it's more like a beta version for me - nice to play around, but not ready for real work.


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I've just given the VS2010 RTM a whirl and (after some pain getting the interface to look anything like the rest of my system) I'm seeing some features that will be super-neat to start using (pinning of DataTips comes to mind: the watch window will see a lot less usage from me!)

The *only* thing actually holding me back from VS2010 is the lack of ViEmu. Jon, I know you guys are working frantically on it -- and I'm sure I speak for everyone saying that we appreciate the effort and investment of time and interest from you and your team. ViEmu is a "must have" which has made my VS coding much more productive.

PLEASE make a beta available soon. I would gladly be part of the test group for it!


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Hi everyone,

Apoplogies to all, as I totally understand that I am late with this. It's been really difficult to organize everything.

Two pieces of news anyway:

1) ViEmu 2.5 for VS, SQL Server and Word&Outlook, together with Codekana 1.5, are ready since yesterday in beta form (Beta 2, almost final - official release probably ready in a matter of days). Details and download links here:


(Main things: multiple-key-chord mappings, Ctrl-A/Ctrl-X, i_Ctrl-Y/i_Ctrl-E, goto-function dialog in Codekana, new license key system for all).

2) We already have a ViEmu/VS2010 version working internally, not release quality yet, but I think we can have a publicly available good beta in about 3 weeks from now.

I'll post here as soon as there are more news, and I'll email everyone who asked about it as soon as the ViEmu/VS2010 beta is ready to download.

Regards, and apologies again for the timing,

  -- Jon


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Thanks for the feedback Jon!

The changelist looks good! Can't wait to start using the 2.5 beta!

Keep up the excellent work (:


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Just some quick feedback (I didn't see a thread for beta feedback, so please feel free to create one and I'll repost):

Ctrl-A works as expected. Ctrl-X works on numbers != 1. Ctrl-X on a 1 deletes the character? How odd!


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Hi Jon,

If there is a beta list for ViEmu 2010, kindly add my name!



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Davydm,  Ctrl-X on 1 = genuine bug. Oops! Will fix it for next build. How stupid.

Darren, I'll email everyone on this post about the VS2010 beta as soon as it's ready.

  -- Jon


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Davydm, I've already fixed it for the next build. In any case, as a workaround, if you remove 'octal' from the nrformats option, it will work fine (use "set nrformats=hex" in _viemurc for this).

The bug was a side effect of the logic that removes the leading zeros after decrementing "0008" if octal is enabled (because, else, the default result "0007" would be considered octal and handled as such in subsequent operations). This "spilled over" to removing the only "0" after decrementing "1".

Note: Ctrl-A/Ctrl-X logic is unbelievably complex if all cases are done properly, and that is something I didn't expect!


Re: Visual Studio 2010



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Hi Jon,

If there is a beta list for the VS2010 beta , kindly add my name!



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I would like to be involved in the beta as well.



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"So, in short, I will support VS 2010, but it's going to take a huge effort, and it won't be free.

Thanks for the kind comment!

  -- Jon"

As a software developer myself, I totally understand, however you might want to remove this from the front page: 

"VS2010 version ready soon. If you buy ViEmu now, you'll get it free when it's ready!"

Is it true still?  That quote was up when I bought ViEmu.  If not, I understand.


Ah, nevermind, I didn't see this one:

The upgrade will be free to everyone who bought less than a year ago, and will include a fee for those who bought before that, I'm still deciding on the structure and amount of that upgrade/support&maintenance fee. In any case it will be very reasonable, and include upgrades for all ViEmu/VS versions for one more year.

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I am also very anxious for a 2010 compatible version! We have switched to 2010 and without ViEmu I feel like someone broke a few of my fingers. I would love to see a version as early as possible, warts and all.

Just adding to the pressure, hopefully in a good way. smile


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Please include me in the beta... i'm dieing here without viemu


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Please include me in the beta.

Based on the level of interest, it might be a good idea to email all registered users once you have a beta ready. I doubt any ViEmu user would *not* want to participate in the VS2010 beta.


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I will definitely email all of you. I plan to email about the beta everyone who expressed interest on it, and I will definitely email everyone about it once it is out of beta. Many people are not interested in betas, and it's always better to do betas with a smaller number of people. I will also post about it on the blogs too, and on Twitter.


  -- Jon


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Jon, please add me to the beta list. 

We switched to VS2010 last week and my fingers are in urgent need of an editor that can understand "vi-enese."  The sooner the better!



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Please add me to the beta as well when it is available. Thank you very much.


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I'd also love to be notified about the VS2010 beta. Thanks!


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I would also love to be part of the 2010 beta if possible. Thanks!


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I don't have a license, is it possible if I can join the beta testing? We are moving over to .NET in the coming month. Just curious.