Re: ViEmu/SQL 2.0.33 ready

I have just uploaded ViEmu for SQL Server Management Studio 2.0.33:


It needs a manual uninstall of previous ViEmu/SQL 2.0.x versions before installing this one.

This release brings into ViEmu/SQL the new fixes from the latest ViEmu/VS releases:

- Proper keybinding management in German SSMS (if there is such a beast)
- Command line space much larger (it was read & processed, but not properly displayed)
- Yanking of column blocks with empty lines fixed
- Playing a macro from an empty register would crash VS (@a)
- 'A' on a visual block extended to end of line ($) wouldn't work
- dd on a single-line file (or dG from the 1st line in any file) would leave a dangling line, fixed
- Special marks '[, '] (last pasted/changed/yanked/etc... range) and '^ (last insert pos) added
- Added gi command, to go into insert mode at the last insert position
- Ctrl-T/Ctrl-D in "virtual space" work fine (after o/O with autoindent)
- :bd now removes the buffer from the buffer list (it also closes the file if it's the current file, not if it isn't)
- <c-t> now invokes View.PopBrowseContext (poor man's tag stack pop) - this probably doesn't work in SSMS 2005
- :set [no]remap implemented to disable all recursive mapping
- Infinite mapping loops detected & cut (eg, :map n l and :map l n)
- Visual block done by ^Q j $ now extends to the $ of each line
- :noh[lsearch] implemented
- hlsearch setting wasn't honored on startup, even if it was shown fine in Tools|Viemu Settings
- The desired-cursor-col was not reset after moving the cursor by left-clicking
- :set gdefault would not work in .viemurc
- Pasting in some languages would lead the language service into "partial" corrections and lead to syntax errors
- The \| operator in regular expressions didn't work fine (would only match the second branch)
- Keyboard management should now support the Japanese version of SSMS (if it exists)

Let me know if something's not right. I will keep working in the other pending issues.

Thanks for all the feedback!

  - Jon


Re: ViEmu/SQL 2.0.33 ready

Before I voice my issue: ViEmu is absolutely fantastic.  Coming from a unix background at uni straight to a .NET programming job, I immediately missed (and googled for emulation) my vi editor.  This site is what I found.  I tried out the demo and was blown away, it felt like coming home.  Of course I had to fork over the cash.  Thanks a lot for this great product, and for giving me back my editing proficiancy.
With that said, I downloaded and installed this (ViEmu/SQL) package and nothing happens in Server Manager.  No mention of ViEmu anywhere (Tools, text editing like notepad, etc.). I'm running SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 ver. 9.00.2047.00 on winXP.


Re: ViEmu/SQL 2.0.33 ready

Hello naitpen,

Thanks a lot for the very kind comment. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I hope that future versions will be even nicer.

Regarding the other question - the problem is that the express editions (both of VS and of SQL Server) do not allow external add-ins. I guess Microsoft does this in order not to detract from the appeal of their commercial versions.

Unfortunate, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Best regards,