Re: 1.4.4 suggestions


1.4.3 says:
- ViEmu scans its installation folder at startup for a '.viemurc' or
'_viemurc' file, and executes it if present (only :set/:map/:unmap
actually do anything there)

I suggest adding $HOME and $HOMEPATH to the list of directories. That's where Vim keeps its rc files.


Re: 1.4.4 suggestions


I've thought about it, and had the following idea: to have the .viemurc path & filename configurable in the settings dialog, so that (in the future) the rc file could be shared with other vi/vim implementations (or at least part of it).

I've checked it and the rc file path is a compilation option in vim. That wouldn't make sense for ViEmu.

Don't try to use your current vimrc with ViEmu yet, though. Too early for that!

I'm open to suggestions.



Re: 1.4.4 suggestions

Anyway, home catalog seems to be a more suitable place for config files. There're multiuser machines and network installs out there.


Re: 1.4.4 suggestions

Sure, you're right on that. I'll change that to $HOME first, probably falling back to the installation folder, and later on maybe add the configurability.


Re: 1.4.4 suggestions

:cn and :cp to jump to the file/line of the next/previous build error.  I'm envisioning the result of this working the same as double-clicking the error in the "error list."

Extended folding commands: zO (recursively expand all folds contained in the current one), zC (recursively collapse all folds which contain the current one), zR (expand all folds in the current buffer)


Re: 1.4.4 suggestions

Tak, I've implemented a basic :cn/:cp using the internal commands Edit.GotoOutputWindow[Next|Previous]Location, which is what F4 and Shift-F4 are usually bound to. The problem is that they keep the focus in the output Window, so you actually need to press ESC to get to the actual error location.

I'm unsure whether this is useful in this form, and whether I can grab the actual location from VS to actually pass the focus to the right window. I'll investigate, but it'll take longer.

I can upload a new build with it if you're interested, that was my original plan, but abstained because of the not-very-nice behavior.


Re: 1.4.4 suggestions

May as well wait until it's working like you want it to be.


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One minor thing I'd like to see in future versions is the vim 7 quote block commands, enabling sequences like di" and da', which delete the contents of quoted text. I find myself using those a lot.


Re: 1.4.4 suggestions

Please have a look at the post regarding the release of 1.4.4-a-10, which is what 1.4.4 is going to be except for the documentation and possible bugfixes. I have incorporated some of the requests above (checking $HOME/$HOMEPATH and proper :cn/:cp support).

The other requests are queued for later releases, thanks everyone for the suggestions.