Re: Restoring default keyboard bindings

I am using ViEmu/VS, and each time I started Visual Studio 2005, ViEmu would tell me that there were keyboard clashes. When I brought up the "ViEmu keyboard management" form, my eyes skipped right past the "Scan for clashing keybindings on startup" checkbox, which would have removed the message. Instead, I looked at the two keybindings lists.

There were about 10 or 15 items in the "Saved keybindings" list, and one item in the "Current clashing keybindings" list. I thought, "OK, if I click the 'Save and Remove' button below the 'Current clashing keybindings' list, it will move that one item to the other list, and my problem will be solved." So I clicked the button. But it didn't add the clashing keybinding to the existing list of saved keybindings. It overwrote the saved keybindings with the clashing keybinding.

Now the original list of 10 or 15 saved items is gone, and I don't know how to get them back. They appeared when I first installed ViEmu; I didn't add them myself. I don't even know what they were or if they were important. How do I restore them? My guess is that the Restore button will simply enable those keybindings to their original function, and will not bring back the deleted keybindings.


Re: Restoring default keyboard bindings


Yes, you are right. The interface is confusing and should really warn you or allow you to undo it, but I just want to implement a better keybinding scheme for the next ViEmu - the current one is just hopelessly complex.

The way to get default keybindings back in VS2005 is to use Tools|Import and Export Settings|Reset Settings, which will allow you to select what type of default settings you want (Visual C++, etc...).

I apologize for the problems.

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