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I have just built & uploaded 1.4.4-alpha-10. It's the last alpha before the final 1.4.4, the only pending tasks being updating the documentation and (possibly) fixing bugs. I'll get to the requests that didn't make it into this version after releasing 1.4.4.

You can download it from:


It's necessary to uninstall previous 1.4.3/1.4.4 versions by hand before installing this one.

The full list of changes since 1.4.3:

- Fixed input of Cyrillic text (and possibly others)
- Fixed T and F motions range when used as operator argument
- Fixed '' and `` so that they never jump between buffers, as vim
- Added experimental VS.NET 2002 support
- Implemented message 'N substitution on N lines' for :s
- Added a DLL to the package which prevented ViEmu from loading in some circumstances
- Fixed a problem when performing a :'<,'>s with the region going to the line before last
- Fixed a bug resulting in 'smartcase' and 'remove-read-only-warning' preferences not being honored at startup
- Prevented Intellisense from kicking in when using BACKSPACE in either VISUAL or NORMAL modes (it was causing trouble with VB)
- Made ViEmu check $HOMEDRIVE/$HOMEPATH and $HOME for the .viemurc or _viemurc file before checking the installation folder
- Implemented :cn/:cp, although they only work properly if the output window is 'pinned' (that is, it doesn't slide out of view automatically).


Re: 1.4.4-alpha-10 available

Great!  I was going to ask about N-line substitution next, but you're a step ahead of me.
Edit: Another thing that would be great is tag jumping support, as in :tag(or ctrl-] ) to activate "Jump to Definition".

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Re: 1.4.4-alpha-10 available

Ctrl-] is actually implemeted! It just calls VS's GotoDefinition, which is not a perfect emulation, but should be at least useful. The full 'tag stack' is not implemented (yet).

Probably you need to unbind Ctrl-], which is usually bound to something in Tools|Options|Keyboard, for ViEmu to kick in.