Re: Several Odd Behaviors in VS 2010

I'm seeing a couple of things that are slightly annoying, but not enough for me to turn off ViEmu.

1. When moving down across a collapsed #region (the "J" motion), the #region is automatically expanded. This makes #regions mostly useless, since I have to move across the whole expanded section now.

2. In insert mode, Shift+[Arrow Keys], Shift+[Home], Shift+[End], etc. do not expand the selected area. I know I can just switch to visual mode, but if I'm already in insert mode, I kind of expect the editor to work like "normal" Visual Studio.  The previous version worked this way.

Thanks for your hard work! I know the VS 2010 version will get there soon!


Re: Several Odd Behaviors in VS 2010

Indeed, we plan to address both before the official release. The region problem is related to the yet-implementation-pending folding & word-wrap support. It seems other people miss proper Shift-<Navigation> selection in insert mode and we will look into how to make it work. Thanks!