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Thanks MH, we're looking into it!


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Just wondering: Is highlight search working yet in the beta?  I'm hesitant to upgrade to 2010 until this is in.


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hi, thanks for the beta ! Are you supporting Visual Assist being installed yet ? I have custom colors set up for VAX and the display gets completely messed up when I install Viemu.  Interestingly enough, VsVim has the same display problem.


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more information: restarting visual studio seems to fix the display issue and so far I'm coexisting with VAX just fine !


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ctrl-b ctrl-f don't work. is there somewhere I can remap those ? the remap option in the menu does not offer any choices.


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amol wrote:

ctrl-b ctrl-f don't work. is there somewhere I can remap those ? the remap option in the menu does not offer any choices.

They appear to be working beta 3; I don't recall doing anything special to get them working.


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hmm, sorry, I was switching back-and-forth between different plugins. maybe one of them caused it.

however, is anyone else seeing anonying intellisense bubbles when navigating over code ?


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Amol, the intellisense bubbles may be due to Visual Assist, are you using it? If so, we plan to address it for the official release.

Ctrl-F and Ctrl-B should be assigned to the commands "ViEmu.ViEmuCtrlF" and "ViEmu.ViEmuCtrlB" in Tools|Options|Keyboard for them to work fine. You can do that manually, or use "Set ViEmu keybindings" in the ViEmu menu (which will try to reassign more keys, but will ask you before doing it anyway)


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Yes, I am using Visual Assist, so I'm glad to hear you're addressing the issue.


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It looks like I'm having an issue with the Ctrl-f and Ctrl-b keys. When I hit Ctrl-f, instead of moving the cursor down and scrolling down a screenful of text, it scrolls to the bottom of the file. When I hit Ctrl-b, instead of moving the cursor up and scrolling a screenful of text up, it scrolls to the top of the file. Anyone else seeing this? I've tried ViEmu -> Set Keybindings... to reset the key bindings, but it hasn't helped.


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I'm running into a serious problem where undo ("u") will undo a whole bunch of changes instead of just the last one, and redo ("^R) does not work in this case.

Luckily, Visual Studio's Redo from the menu will restore the text.

Unfortunately had to disable ViEmu because of this bug sad

Another thing I keep hitting is that "o" will frequently clear to the end of the current line instead of inserting a new line below the current one.


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Just installed beta 3. I'm very excited to give it a workout.

Noticed ctrl-] does not seem to work to jump to tag / go to definition. Although ctrl-T does jump back. Tried ViEmu/Set Keybindings... and it reports all are correctly set. And Tools/Options/Keyboard indicate that it is set to ViEmu.ViEmuControl].


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MrT, ctrl-] is not yet implemented.

And Amol, we are working in the undo/redo bug for beta 4.

It also seems that Beta 4 will have hlsearch too... smile


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ViEmu/VS2010 Beta 4 ready:


With a few improvements from Beta 3. Expect a Beta 5 soon.


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Good progress with Beta 4! Earlier today I was using Beta 3, but that slowdown was killer.

I just thought I'd mention that in Beta 3 I also experienced a bug once with Ctrl-B; specifically, for awhile Ctrl-F was working as it should in ViEmu, but Ctrl-B was putting VS into a "waiting for you to complete the chord" state. Restarting VS fixed it. FYI, key bindings were properly set when this happened, and I use no other VS add-ons.

Just now I experienced a related bug in Beta 4. My == command in normal mode, instead of reindenting, caused VS to throw a (non-fatal) exception. Maybe this isn't implemented yet?

I'm also curious if ViEmu will be made to work a bit better with F#?


Edit: Also just had a case where 'u' (undo) undid too many steps, with no ability to redo.

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Haven't tried beta 4 yet, but just thought I'd mention a bug I hit yesterday where ViEmu would go into 100% CPU usage and hang dev studio.  I think I was just trying to insert, not search or anything fancy.
Has this been reported ? Should I get a dump of devenv.exe if this happens again ?


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Amol, this is probably the "slowdown bug" that is indeed fixed in Beta 4, gone through the roof. Let me know if this happens again with B4.

I knew that I could use crash minidumps in previous ViEmus, but I don't know how useful they will be in .NET. No harm in sending us one and we'll find out what it can be used for.



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Enjoying the betas! Thanks for making them available!

Do you know when Windows clipboard integration will be included?  It's a pain to have to either switch off ViEmu or reach for the mouse when I need to copy something for use outside of Visual Studio.


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Bmsullivan, thanks for the kind comment. What do you mean by "clipboard integration problem"? It should work fine. It works fine for me - I can do yy, go to another app, and use Ctrl-V to paste.


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I'm not sure if bmsullivan is seeing the same thing I am, but the following illustrates a nagging issue for me:

1) Copy some selected text from a code file in VS2008 (with viemu installed) using y
2) Attempt to paste into a code file in VS2010 using p, or shift-p, or "+p.  Nothing works
3) End up going up to Menu->Edit->Paste (lame!) in order to paste code, which does work.


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Dreyln, that seems indeed like a nagging issue. We'll try to repro it and fix it. Apologies for the hassles, and thanks for your feedback & your patience! - Jon


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No need to apologize!  I'm just glad you are doing a public beta so we can experience the goodness of viemu in VS2010 and help make it better, even if it is not quite yet as polished as previous versions.


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^V seems to be mapped to something else in this version. Is there a way to map it back to paste ? I find "Visual block" to be quite useless.


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Amol, it's really easy to fix: just go to Tools|Options|Keyboard and remap it back to Edit.Paste (it is now mapped to ViEmu.ViEmuCtrlV). Input handling is simpler in ViEmu/VS2010.


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One thing - Ctrl+N in IntelliSense

In previous ViEmus I can press Ctrl+N and it would act same way as VS's Ctrl+Space do.
Ctrl+N - standard vim combination, I do it automatically all the time.

Now, I have to (curse) and press Ctrl+Space instead ...