Re: Troubles navigating in insert mode

I am having many problems navigating in insert mode.

I've found that the arrow keys are not working for repositioning the cursor.  I also have to hit 'ctrl+enter' to insert a new line.

Also, backspace does not work for me in insert mode.

Is this the expected behaviour or do I have something configured incorrectly?



Re: Troubles navigating in insert mode

Hello wallenfe,

The problem is most probably caused by the initial clashing-keybinding removal process, which accidentally removed all keybindings. This is a bug which happens in the current build of ViEmu (rarely, but it's not the first instance I see). I am working in a better system for the next release.

Fixing it is easy, but I need some more information: OS and version of Visual Studio you are using, language you are working in, and version of ViEmu you have installed. It would also be helpful to know what other add-ins are installed, and any extra circumstances you can remember (did you install ViEmu right after installing Visual Studio? etc...).

Thanks and my apologies for the buggy behavior,



Re: Troubles navigating in insert mode

Thanks - I did a little investigation based on your comments and was able to resolve this.

First, I noticed that there were no conflicts listed under the Tools>Options>ViEmu>Keyboard page and disabling ViEmu did not restore my keyboard to working condition.  So, I went to the Tools>Options>Environment>Keyboard page and chose to switch my keyboard mapping scheme back to default.  It has been set to ViEmu.  I then quit and restarted VisualStudio and got a message about clashes.  From here on out though, things are working as I had expected them too.

I am using VisualStudio.Net 2003 in Windows XP SP2.  I don't have any other add-ins installed.

The only unusual circumstance is that I had a trial of ViEmu that I installed and uninstalled prior to installing this full version (2.0.37).


Re: Troubles navigating in insert mode


Thanks a lot, I'm glad you got it working. If some of the vi/vim commands are "shadowed" by their VS keybindings, just let me know so that I can tell you how to fix that (although it's explained in the documentation, too).

There definitely is a problem in there, and I think I know what it is, although it's not easy to fix in that case - the VS startup sequence is largely undocumented, and in some cases ViEmu is started up before the environment has initialized its configured keybindings. If this happens the first time ViEmu runs, ViEmu will create viemu.vsk based in an empty keyboard scheme. Pretty ugly, although making the initial removal step user-triggered instead of automatic should fix it.

Best regards,