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Is anyone else having problems with the ViEmu colours in 2010? The hlsearch foreground colour never updates, making it invisiblle with my chosen background colour.

Also with the visual selection colour - the background is fine, but the foreground is still the colour of my code underneath - again making it invisible for me.



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Can you post screenshots? They're often helpful diagnosing these issues. Any other 3rd party add-ins too?


  -- Jon


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From messing around with the colours a bit today, it looks like the hlsearch search foreground colour is actually being applied to the *border* around the text, rather than the foreground itself.


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Still happening with VS2010.  Any update on a fix? 

The foreground color doesnt seem to be obeyed.  This is an issue mostly on dark themes.


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I am seeing the same issue as well.


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ViEmu Visual Selection:

It seems like the background color can be changed just fine.  The issue is with the foreground color.  No matter what you make the foreground color, in the editor window the foreground color is always what ever the default foreground text color is.


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Hi, indeed, VS2010 visual-sel/hlsearch/incsearch markers are background only. We'll look into doing something that will affect foreground too. The VS2010 text-editor rendering system is completely new and very different from the old one, and we're getting acquainted with it. You can bet we'll have to know all the details given we have to implement Codekana here too.