Re: feature request: "find in files"

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the great product!  Being a long-term Brief user and a short-term vi user, I've finally grown tired of Visual Studio's lackluster Brief emulation and am trying to pick up vim / ViEmu.  So far, I find it way more enjoyable than the default keybindings - and it doesn't hurt that now every day is an adventure as I dust off my vi muscle-memory cobwebs!  :-)

Anyway, lemme ping you with a feature request that you can add to your pile.  I find myself using VS2005's "find in files" dialog quite a bit.  I use VS2005 to build makefile-based projects where all the source files aren't  necessarily referenced in the project file.  It'd be great if I could get to the "find in files" dialog via a ViEmu command, say :ff. 

Alternatively, if you know of a way I could get :fd to pull up "find in files" by default, that'd work, too. 

Thanks a bunch! The product is great - this is just a minor issue I thought I'd ping 'ya about.  No worries!  :-)



Re: feature request: "find in files"


Thanks a lot for the kind comment! I haven't used brief myself, but I'm glad you're switching over to vi/vim smile I started using vi/vim myself around early '05, and I've found it amazing. I wonder how I could have been coding for so many years with other editors.

You can use ViEmu's :vsc[ommand] ex command to run any Visual Studio command. "Find in Files" is "Edit.FindInFiles", so typing:

  :vsc Edit.FindInFiles

and pressing Return will bring up the dialog. There is no support for user ex commands (yet), but you can map it to any key combination:

  :nnoremap <C-A-F> :vsc Edit.FindInFiles<Return>

And you can use Ctrl+Alt+F in normal mode to bring up the dialog. Use:

  :nnoremap \\ :vsc Edit.FindInFiles<Return>

To map the '\' key to the command, so it's just a single keystroke.

Future versions will support mapping multiple keystroke mappings (such that you can map 'fff' to it) and also user-defined ex commands (for :ff).

Thanks and best regards,



Re: feature request: "find in files"

Sweet!  This'll definitely hold me over until you add user ex commands (or forever, for that matter).