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One of my most used features from VS 2008 with ViEmu was selecting a block of text (which automatically converted it to a vi visual selection) and then hitting 'y' to copy or 'x' to cut.

After using ViEmu 2010 for a couple days I have notice that this plugin doesn't "promote" the mouse selection to a vi visual selection.  Is there any way this feature can be duplicated?



Re: ViEmu 2010 request

Perhaps you can kick this question to the administrator directly and get some support.

As a newly-released version, some bugs/faults are invoidable. Such as this thread http://www.viemu.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1708

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Re: ViEmu 2010 request

This is some of the functionality I miss most from ViEmu 2008 as well.

A couple other things that have stopped working that I rely on daily are:

Ctrl+Backspace to delete previous word (insert mode)
  This worked in viemu 2008, but not 2010

Ctrl+w to delete previous word (insert mode)
  Started using this in place of ctrl+backspace during beta 4, now in beta 6, this doesn't work either sad

I appreciate the work you are doing and look forward to the RC! smile


Re: ViEmu 2010 request

Nick, Ctrl-Backspace and Ctrl-W should be working now (2.5.7). Please let me know if something doesn't work as expected.

Mweber, Dovecam: we are implementing the visual range/vs selection stuff, and it's mostly working (pending some Visual Assist integration issues). It should be out there as 2.5.8 in a few days.