Re: Suggestion: GVIM type help for ViEmu

I've recently returned to wolrd of vi/VIM and I'm having to use different OSes and build environments which is partly why I'm interested in ViEmu (currently evaluating the VS2010 beta 6). But because I'm rusty I'm still having to look up commands/keystrokes etc,. It would be helpful, for me at least, if ViEmu had a help command like in GVim and even a tutorial (with a special section on ViEmu special features differences). I realise there is a link to documentation under the ViEmu menu but it seems a bit strange to jump out of ViEmu to look at it. 



Re: Suggestion: GVIM type help for ViEmu

Paul, thanks for the suggestion. You are right it would be useful. I am taking note and will attempt to do something in the future, although the TO-DO list is so long that I don't see this in the near term! Regards, - Jon