Re: Multiple ESC ? (VS2010, ReSharper 5)

I don't know if it is VS2010, or ReSharper, or a combination, but between intellisense, automatic code insertion, etc., it seems like I usually need 2+ ESC keys to get to normal mode.
Can I map the ESC key to send 3 ESC keys when in Insert mode?


Re: Multiple ESC ? (VS2010, ReSharper 5)

Can you please try the latest versions (2.5.7) and let us know how this works?


We are preparing a new 2.5.8 now and we could try to address this too for this release.


Re: Multiple ESC ? (VS2010, ReSharper 5)

I'm using 2.5.7 with ReSharper and having the same problem. Need to press ESC 3 times to get back.


Re: Multiple ESC ? (VS2010, ReSharper 5)

Sorry to ask this again but, can you please try version 2.5.10? We've done some things to try to alleviate the 'multiple ESC needed' issue with ReSharper and it'd be great to know if you notice an improvement.