Re: Outlook Add-In and navigating the inbox

Hello -- I briefly tried the Outlook ViEmu add-in and it gives me vi-style keyboard support in message composition, but what about navigating the inbox and 'chrome'?  Should I be able to use vi keys there as well with this add-in?  I can't find any docs.

TIA - Michael


Re: Outlook Add-In and navigating the inbox

Hello, ViEmu in Outlook only works in the message composition window and only if Word is used as a text editor. It would be very difficult to use the ViEmu engine to provide vi navigation in the general "Chrome" and in the Inbox, and it is out of scope for the product. Sorry about that. I miss it myself too, but the effort would be humongous for little payoff.


  -- Jon


Re: Outlook Add-In and navigating the inbox

Thanks for reply Jon.  Too bad you won't support this though, as Thunderbird (and to a lesser extent, GMail in the browser) support vi-style navigation of the inbox and folders already.



Re: Outlook Add-In and navigating the inbox

Sorry about that. I understand other apps can implement that, in Outlook, the amount of hoops to jump over and hacks to perform to allow j/k navigation in a system list-box in specific app windows would be huge and ugly, and fragile to any changes. It just doesn't make sense to invest so many hours for so little payoff. A better UI and Extensibility architecture in Outlook should make that into a 5 minute job, but sadly this isn't something Microsoft provides.