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Uh oh, the last RC trial expired!  I'm stuck! sad


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sdbarker, I sent you an email on the 23rd to try and address this! I will be resending again from a couple of different email addresses. Please have a look at the spam folder, that may be the case! Regards - Jon


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Mine ViEmu 2.5.5 for VS 2010 stopped to work once again.
Tried to buy upgrade via symnum.com - site failed to load with 503 error.
Any ideas how I can make mine VS 2010 + ViEmu to work today ?

(As last resort am using vim7.2 for now ... )

Just managed to pay via PayPal, how long it usually takes to receive an key ?

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Number8 wrote:

Curious behavior with '/' when a match is found in a comment...

In normal mode, if I type '/', VS2010 searches incrementally forward.  To stop searching, I press "Enter", and the cursor remains at the matching string.

However, if the match is in a line comment, "Enter" acts as though it is in Insert mode; a new line is inserted, and I'm still in search mode.  The only way to get out of search mode is to press Esc, but then I'm taken back to the cursor position before the search started.

I don't know if this is ViEmu behavior, ReSharper behavior, VS2010 behavior, or an irritating interaction.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Here we go again...  ViEmu 2.5.6. 
Just closed and restarted VS 2010, same behavior.


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Any update on when the VS Selection for VS mode will be operational in VS2010.  I really, really, really, really miss this feature.  I am having to touch my mouse way too often now smile


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Pstrjds, we are planning a new release this week fixing the most important issues with Resharper and Visual Assist. We plan to implement the missing features afterwards, estimated several weeks afterwards (but it is really not simple, so it will take a while). Apologies for the hassles.


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Good to know that the feature is being worked on. I am sure the reimplementation of the UI in VS2010 has made that sort of thing a total rewrite. No problem, just wanted to make sure it was in the list, figured if I mention it it would help to adjust priorities smile

By the way, still loving ViEmu! Don't understand why anyone would try to write code in VS without it. Now if we just had ViEmu for OpenOffice my life would be perfect.


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Pstrjds, thanks for the kind comment!

The new, integrated VS-Selection/ViEmu-Visual-Range is mostly implemented now (only some issues with Visual Assist remained), and it'll be included in the next release.

Unfortunately, the Open Office vi/vim emulator will have to remain as A Job For Someone Else (TM) smile