Re: commenting in visual mode

so it used to be that in previous versions you were able to use v for visual mode to select text using the standard built-in selection system... meaning that when you selected text using visual mode the selected text was blue, not gray. 

What looks to be the correct setting checkbox in viemu settings is "Use VS selection for VS mode".  However this box is grayed out. 

1.  Is there any way for me to "ungray" it out?  or,
2.  Is there another way for me to comment blocks of text that i've selected using visual mode?



Re: commenting in visual mode

It's not implemented yet, sorry! Planned for September or so.


Re: commenting in visual mode

ah ok thanks for letting me know


Re: commenting in visual mode

use the following maps in my _viemurc file:

" (un)commenting
vmap z gS:vsc Edit.CommentSelection<CR>
vmap Z gS:vsc Edit.UncommentSelection<CR>

Select the text with V and press z to comment and Z to uncomment. I use the z and Z because there are no mappings for z and Z in visual mode.

Note: I am using VS2008 so i can not vouch for this working on VS2010


Re: commenting in visual mode

Princker, thanks. This most likely won't work on VS2010, since we don't have visual-range<->selection integration yet. In a (near) future version!