Re: dot command doesn't when Intellisense was used

In VS2005 (I haven't tried it yet in 2010, which I realize is the focus nowadays....I'll try to remember to do that and see):

If a line in the file exists as:


and you do an insert by placing cursor at the semicolon and typing "i", and you make the line:

   a = new Typename;

a problem happens when you let Intellisense fill in the Typename.  If you then try to repeat the action on another line, say here:


what you get when you place the cursor at the semicolon and type . (dot) is:

   b = new

Note the added newline (which I'm guessing is because I typed <Enter> to select the Typename within the Intellisense completion list.

Basically, viEmu seems not to understand that there was text added by Intellisense and that the terminating newline was meant for Intellisense, not as something to be placed into the file.


Re: dot command doesn't when Intellisense was used

With huge effort, this was implemented back in ViEmu 2.0 / 2.1 or so. There is a mechanism in ViEmu called "BufSense", which watches changes in the buffer while in insert mode, and back-translates them in "likely keypresses". This makes '.' work with Intellisense, which it didn't beforehand. Even with "auto-paren-closing" of other 3rd party tools. It should definitely work in the case you describe above.

And of course, this keeps working just fine with regular non-Intellisense editing.

Can you provide the version of ViEmu you are using, the language type, and what other 3rd party add-ins you are using? Any of those could be the cause.