Re: Command Line Suggestion

So, one of the things that I really liked about VsVim when I was using it before ViEmu became available for VS2010 was a custom made Command Line in lieu of using the Status bar.  It was nice to have the command line right below the editor instead of below my bottom tool windows, which I always keep open.  Does that make sense?  This also has other benefits, such as status messages not interfering with vi commands.

Anyway, it would be nice to at least have that option.  What do you think?


Re: Command Line Suggestion

I like this idea.  It's frustrating when VS messages overwrite the vim commands.
Particularly since searching with '/' is so painfully slow, it's easy to type ahead of the command line, then have a VS message overwrite it, so you can't see if you made a typo or not when what you are looking for isn't found...


Re: Command Line Suggestion

It is a great idea, and I investigated it for the older VS's - it was difficult to do. But now in VS2010 it's much easier, so it is definitely planned as a feature for a future version.