Re: Scrolling through the intellisence list box


I am trying out viemu to decide whether I should buy it or not. It is mostly true to vim (vi) and so far so good. Some things though make me think twice.

1) Opening the drop-down function list and then closing it and returning to the mode I was in (note that I am using Visual Assist's function list)
2) Selecting a hint from intellisence (Visual Assist or Visual Studio, should not matter) without taking your hand to the arrow keys.

These two things are breaking my workflow, that is, I have to use the mouse and the arrow keys a lot and it dilutes the experience to the point of frustration. I am hoping that there is a solution and I don't know about it. If so, please let me know.

Thank you

EDIT: Here are a few others

* When I press CTRL+SHIFT+F12 to go to the next error, normally the error shows up on the status, but in this case, it is over-written. Now I have to use the mouse again (I usually work in full screen mode)
* When I invoke the shortcut for right click (internal visual studio shortcut) I cannot navigate using hjkl. I know this is difficult to add, but I for one will be sold if I am allowed to navigate through lists using the hjkl keys.

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Re: Scrolling through the intellisence list box

Samaursa, thanks for the feedback. Yes, there can be some problems, especially with Visual Assist. Some people have been successful using an open-source third-party tool to map other keybindings to arrows for this case, notably JP Boodhoo:


The VS extensibility is ok but limited, and doing this with ViEmu would need a huge other level of windows/keypresses interception, so we decided not to implement it. I suggest using that tool, and I think you can map some combination like Ctrl-J/Ctrl-K or Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P to Up and Down, to make things work fine. Intellisense is an extra difficult case, as j/k should really type rather than moving up and down.

Also, Next/Prev Error are indeed obscured, and this is difficult to solve in ViEmu/VS "Classic" (up to VS2008), due to the status-bar model. We do plan to try and have a separate command line in VS2010 to avoid this sort of issues, the new extensibility model should allow this much better than VS <= 2008.