Re: :redraw command or Ctrl-L


I often like to hit Ctrl-L in vim to center the screen on my cursor but viemu doesn't seem to have this by default.
Is there a way to turn this on or has it not been implemented yet?


Re: :redraw command or Ctrl-L

Hi, I've tried Ctrl-L in my vim, and also :h ^L, and I didn't get that functionality! Can you please check if you have a custom mapping?


Re: :redraw command or Ctrl-L

Hey I found out the command i was looking for is zz.
Apparently when i used to use vim i had that mapped to Ctrl-l.

Viemu supports zz, zt and zb (and probably others i don't know about).



Re: :redraw command or Ctrl-L

Ah, ok, of course! I just didn't realize it yesterday - I was a bit sleepy! Glad to hear you found it. Indeed, I use zz a lot myself (and zt sometimes). BTW, you can also use z<return>, z- and z. as alternative spellings.