Re: Getting matchit to work with ViEmu


One of the Vim plugins that I cannot live without is matchit (http://www.catonmat.net/blog/vim-plugins-matchit-vim/). It is so useful a plugin, that it is now part of the standard distribution of Vim.

However, I'm not sure how to get matchit to work with ViEmu. Normally in Vim, from a clean install I would simply run something like:

:helptags ~/.vim/doc
:filetype plugin on

... and that would be enough to register matchit. But those kind of commands don't seem to work in ViEmu (or I'm just doing something wrong).

Has anyone else been able to get matchit-like functionality in ViEmu?



Re: Getting matchit to work with ViEmu

Roland, unfortunately ViEmu doesn't support vim-style scripting (the viml language), so vim plugins are not compatible at all. I do hope to offer equivalente functionality in the future, part using its own scripting system, and part implementing a bridge with Codekana (http://www.codekana.com) for syntax-related stuff.

I've taken note of the request in any case, and I will email you when something is ready, although it is not on the top priorities right now. A few more general features and VS2010 support take priority.


  -- Jon


Re: Getting matchit to work with ViEmu

Can I please be tagged on this as well.

If ViEmu could somehow interface with viml it would open up a plethora of plugins to be available from within Visual Studio. This would make me a very happy boy.

I noted that your response was approximately a year ago. I know you've been very busy with the VS 2010 release, but has any headway been made into supporting vim plugins?




Re: Getting matchit to work with ViEmu

Dan, I understand the want and the need. Unfortunately I don't see a way this could be done without a huge effort. I hope to provide better integration options, to obtain similar functionality, but not with viml, but with other VS add-ins, etc...