Re: [Question] Registeration failure


I bought  viemu's 1 user license a month ago and
got an registreation email from Viemu.

But I did not work.
I tried every method, (ex, without space)
I failed...

Please let me know how to register viemu.

Because of security problem, I use viemu without internet connection .
Please let me know I need an internet connection for registration

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Re: [Question] Registeration failure

Hello, I sent you an email yesterday. Please help me identify your order, and I will help you enter the license key correctly.

ViEmu doesn't use any online activation or anything, so it's not really necessary at all to have an internet connection.


Re: [Question] Registeration failure

Thanks for your help
I sent you an reply.

Please check it out.

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Re: [Question] Registeration failure

In case anyone else sees this - we fixed the issue over email. If you ever have a problem with registration, just write to support [at] symnum [dot] com and we will help as quickly as possible.