Re: Invalid ViEmu Licence


I recently got a new machine and installed VS 2008 and ViEmu and entered my license as I did for my old machine.  However, I getting the "Invalid ViEmu license" popup.  Any ideas?


Re: Invalid ViEmu Licence

OK- this is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I did get it to work after I pasted it to notepad to remove all formatting and extra spaces and then pasted it into ViEmu.
False alarm.


Re: Invalid ViEmu Licence

Thanks, glad to hear it's working fine! I'm making the license-reading code more reliable, allowing freeform formatting of the whitespaces, but this code won't be there until the next version of ViEmu/VS "Classic" (it is already there for ViEmu/VS2010 though).