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The buffer listing maintained by ViEmu is not in sync with the actual open files. In fact, I have no idea how it works--it appears that any file I open is added to the buffer list, but never removed. I tried closing files with ":bd", as well as Ctrl+F4, but neither method updates the buffer listing.

For example, right as I type this, ":buffers" lists 16 buffers when I only have 4 files open.


Re: ":buffers" listing out of sync with open windows

Yes, indeed, the buffer list is not cleared. All buffers 'touched' by ViEmu are remembered and never removed from the list. It will probably be impossible to sync to the open tabs (it's not accessible through VS), but I will add removal of items from the buffer list when doing :bd in a future release.

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Re: ":buffers" listing out of sync with open windows

ViEmu rocks my world. That said, I have a question.

I know this is an old thread, but I am experiencing the same pain. I see that you have implemented the feature that :bd removes a buffer from the list. Many thanks.

Why couldn't other window closing commands also close the buffer? I could see why a Ctrl + F4 would be hard to track. How hard would it be to have :q close the buffer? When I do that I am going through ViEmu. Could you add a hook there? Would this conflict with some Vi semantics that I'm not aware of?

Thanks for your time.


Re: ":buffers" listing out of sync with open windows

gonzobent, you are right, I'll have to check this, but this should be easy at least for :q. I will try to address this in the next minor release (hopefully very soon, as soon as I finish the customer portal I'm working on and I can get back to actually improving ViEmu and Codekana).

Thanks for the kind comment about ViEmu!

  -- Jon


Re: ":buffers" listing out of sync with open windows

Hey Jon,

Using :q removes the current file from buffer list, which is good. Did you ever hook in :bd/:qa/Ctrl + F4 to remove files from the buffer list as well?

EDIT: q works, bd works, but qa and Ctrl-F4 don't appear too.

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Re: ":buffers" listing out of sync with open windows

I implemented the removal for :q and :bd manually. I will take note of this and try to detect when the buffer has been closed by any method whatsoever (Ctrl-F4, a mouse click on the close button, :qa, etc...) and remove them too. I'll post here when there is something in this regard. Thanks for your patience -- Jon