Re: Trouble with VS2008 and Visual Assist X


I am using ViEmu 2.2.9 as well with VS2003 as well with VS2008 plus Visual Assist X version 10.5.1724.0.

VS2003 works fine with both add-ons (ViEmu and VisualAssist).

But with VS2008 I have trouble using ViEmu. There are no effects that show me that ViEmu is enabled as selected in Tools/Options/ViEmu. Esc nor Shift-Esc work and therefore any Vi-key like <Space>, <h>, <j>, <k> or <l> always edits the text.

Reinstallation of ViEmu did not have any effect.

The only workaround I have right now is disabling VisualAssist in VS2008 in Tools/Add-In Manager (ViEmu does not appear in that Add-In Manager list, is that intended?).

Personally for me this workaround is ok by chance because I program C/C++ code only in VS2003 at this time. I use VS2008 only for WiXing. Thus disabling VisualAssist in VS2008 is adequate by now. But I am planning to program C/C++ code also in VS2008. So it would be very kind if that bug may become fixed in one of the next releases.

Windows XP SP3
2 processors (x86)

Best regards,

Peter Rawytsch


Re: Trouble with VS2008 and Visual Assist X

Of course, ViEmu has to work perfectly with Visual Assist for C++ in VS2008! I will have to test this properly -- it definitely worked fine with previous versions of Visual Assist, but I will have to upgrade to the latest one to make sure it still works fine.

But just to make sure there is on extra interaction: can you post the contents of your VS2008 Help|About, which shows all the details about installed 3rd party add-ons?

  -- Jon


Re: Trouble with VS2008 and Visual Assist X

I have a very similar problem.

I'm using visual studio 2008 with viemu (v2.5.4) and visual assist x.

When I'm editing wix-files in vs2008, viemu is in a state described here: http://www.viemu.com/blog/2007/12/07/viemu-and-visual-assist-under-vs2008/ .
Although it works as expected when editing c++-files and similar.

Wix-files have the file-extensions .wxs and .wxi and are xml, there are probably more file-extensions though.

The workaround at the moment is to disable visual assist x in the addin manager.


Re: Trouble with VS2008 and Visual Assist X

Hello, what version of Visual Assist are you using? I have just checked with VS2008, ViEmu 2.5.4, and the latest Visual Asssist (10.6.1830), and it works fine. If you have an older Visual Assist version, you will need to upgrade to one that intercepts WIX files, or you will see the problem you describe above.

Visual Assist compatibility is so hard that I decided I would only ensure compatibility with the latest one. It's hopefully a reasonable trade-off.


  -- Jon


Re: Trouble with VS2008 and Visual Assist X

Sadly the license I have for visual assist doesn't permit any newer version than what I've currently installed, which is: VA_X.dll file version 10.5.1724.0  built 2009.05.01

Thanks for the explanation though.

Luckily I don't do stuff in wix-files anymore, so I'm not affected by this issue anymore.


Re: Trouble with VS2008 and Visual Assist X

Ah ok, that explains it. You'd need to upgrade VAX to have this working. ViEmu needs to know what types of files are intercepted by VAX, and they change it with the different releases, so we track the last.