Re: viEmu / Refactor! Pro Incompatibility

Hi all,

I am using viEmu v2 and Refactor! Pro v2 with Visual Studio .NET 2002 and found that the two plugins interfere with each other.  When I first create a file and enter it, Visual Studio is in insert mode and hitting escape won't exit out of it.  But after working on a couple of lines, the typical vi mode kicks in.  At this point, Visual Studio kicks in and out of insert mode.

I did a search on the viEmu forum and read that similar behaviour was encountered with a Visual Studio technology called CodeRush and that the problem encountered was related to clashes in key mappings.  Since Refactor! Pro seems to make use of CodeRush, I disabled some of the mappings in the vi key mapping screen and things are back to normal.  In my case, mappings starting with CTRL-E were the problem.

Just thought I would document this here for others who might encounter this issue.



Re: viEmu / Refactor! Pro Incompatibility


Thanks a lot for the pointer. I am preparing a new interception system, currently in testing in the ViEmu for Word prototype, which I plan to import into VS in case it works well (I'm hoping it will). If this is the case, it will fix in a definite way all these kinds of problem.

Thanks in any case, this post will be very helpful!!