Re: ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL 2.0.50 available - Vista compatible

I have just uploaded new builds of ViEmu for Visual Studio and ViEmu for SQL Server, both with version number 2.0.50. I had them residing in separate development branches and I've finally merged everything into a single one. This brings all the latest improvements in ViEmu/VS to ViEmu/SQL, fixes a couple of minor problems in both, and, most importantly, makes both products compatible with Vista (there were some problems with the new UAC - User Account Protection). I've only tested it in Vista RC1, but it should work fine both in RC2 or RTM. I plan to test on RTM as soon as it is available for download from Microsoft's MSDN site.

Here are the links:

  ViEmu for Visual Studio: http://www.viemu.com/ViEmu-2.0.50.msi

  ViEmu for SQL Server 2005: http://www.viemu.com/ViEmuSQL-2.0.50.msi

Both need a manual uninstall of previous 2.0.x versions before installing them.

Common issues addressed in these builds:

- Vista compatibility
- Fixed problems when using 'r' in a $-extended visual selection
- Fixed highlighting of block visual selection when there were hard tabs in a line

Improvements only in ViEmu/SQL (they were already available in previous builds of ViEmu/VS):

- Proper cursor position after pasting a linewise block at end-of-file
- Fixed Ctrl- key spellout for macros and mappings (would give problems with a few characters in int'l keyboard layouts)
- Fixed problem in $-extended block visual selection yanks and deletes
- Made r/~/gU/gu smarter, so that the file is not touched for unchanged characters (no undo op added, tabs respected)
- Added proper "last-search" support to :g/:s (now you can use :g/xyz/s//hello/g
- Fixed :noh support for :g/:s
- Implemented :> and :<
- Fixed shift-tab behavior, although it's not replayed by '.'
- Stored */# search string as "last-search" for highlighting/:g/:s too
- Fixed % when done at eol (takes the last char in the line as base, the same way vim does)
- Added wrapscan and list options (plus integration)
- Fixed rare crash when editing a very long cmdline
- Fixed support for AltGr in int'l keyboards
- Made CUA-style selection (shift-cursor or navigation keys)
- Made tabify/untabify work (ViEmu was blocking them before)
- Fixed honoring state of use-vs-sel and win-word-wrap settings at startup
- Fixed input-sensing in split- or multi-views on a file ('.' wouldn't work well to repeat input commands)

Please let me know if there's something wrong. I keep working in other pending issues and getting closer to an official 2.1 release. Also, I'm hoping to get the ViEmu/Word+Outlook prototype to a fairly usable state in few weeks from now.

Thanks for all the support & feedback!

  - Jon


Re: ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL 2.0.50 available - Vista compatible

For those interested:
I just loaded 2.0.50 into VS2005 (non SP1) on Windows Vista RTM. So far it works great! I am however running VS2005 with elevated permissions (aka Run as Administrator...). I haven't tested a lot but I've written about 100 lines of code with no noticeable problems.

Thanks very much for the updated code. ViEmu rocks!!!!

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Re: ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL 2.0.50 available - Vista compatible

dgray, thanks for the feedback. Hopefully, the only (potential) problems with Vista would have been with getting it up and running - afterwards, it should just run as in 2000 or XP, so your test should be enough.