Re: Stuck in insert mode

Visual Studio 2010 with the newest version of ViEmu.

I hit ESC and nothing happens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times.



Re: Stuck in insert mode

So weird! Does Ctrl-[ work? Do you have any other 3rd party add-ins installed? Does normal mode work before the first 'i'?


Re: Stuck in insert mode

When VS 2010 opens up, it defaults into insert mode. Neither ESC or ctrl [ seem to work to get it back into normal mode.


Re: Stuck in insert mode

I should have noted there are no other extensions installed. Also, the bar at bottom of VS says -- NORMAL -- but it's always in insert mode.


Re: Stuck in insert mode

This is so weird! Can you post/send a screenshot, to make sure I undestand what's happening?

It seems like ViEmu is disabled or something. This happens in older versions of ViEmu when Visual Assist is installed but inactive, or as an expired trial. Can you try it with different file types? Also, please check the ViEmu settings window and make sure everything looks fine (it is enabled, etc...).


Re: Stuck in insert mode

Thanks Jon. I think this is related to me having an older license that is valid but not updated for 2010 (I get a dialog box after installing it that says something to that effect). I'll try updating the license and see if that helps.


Re: Stuck in insert mode

Ah, ok, it must be that, then! Feel free to use the support forms or email me if you need help with the upgrading process.


  -- Jon