Re: Errors in _viemuwrc disappear


I've just installed the evaluation version for Word/Outlook.

I coped my Vim version's .vimrc to _viemurc since no default viemuwrc is created. I didn't expect it all work and sure enough it didn't. However, the errors appear in a yellow box above the status line. The box is too small to show all the errors. When I focus on the box, it disappears!

I've got rid of all the errors now by not touching Word and making a note of the lines numbers of those visible. Once I resolved those and restarted Word, another set of lines (that couldn't fit into the yellow box) appeared. And so on.

Please make this behaviour usable!

I noticed that you're asking people to provide tips and tricks. It would be useful if someone collated all those tips and put them into one viemuwrc file as a starter for new users.

I'm using Office 2007 and ViEmu 2.5.4 on Win7.




Re: Errors in _viemuwrc disappear

Hello Praful,

I'm taking note of your two suggestions, thank you, and I hope to be able to provide them in the future.


  -- Jon