Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.52 available

[Note: Please use ViEmu 2.0.53 instead, see here: http://forums.ngedit.com/viewtopic.php?id=151]

I have just uploaded a new build of ViEmu for Visual Studio. Just two simple fixes described below.

Here is the link to download it:


It needs a manual uninstall of previous 2.0.x versions before installing it.

Issues addressed in this build:

- gI (input at "hard" beginning-of-line - column 0) implemented
- The '[' character was not allowed in sets in regular expressions ("[[abc]" means any of a, b, c and '[')
- Fixed repetition with '.' of input including high-ascii characters (>127)

Please let me know if there's something wrong. I keep working in other pending issues.

Thanks for all the support & feedback, and happy holidays to everyone!

  - Jon


Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.52 available

Wow, what service!


Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.52 available

Thanks smile