Re: getting out of visual selection

a very cool feature of vim is that when you go into visual selection mode of one type, you can switch to the another type while maintaining the start and end positions

so i can go someplace, hit v, move elsewhere, realize i want the full lines, and do Shift-v, and itll maintain the end points of the selection, but go into visual line selection mode.

viemu supports this very well.

the thing viemu doesnt seem to support is that if you are currently in a visual selection mode, reselecting that mode will cancel out of visual selection mode.

so in the above case, if i hit v instead of shift-v, it should have canceled the visual selection. in the above case, if i chose to hit shift-v a second time, it would also have canceled the visual line selection.

right now it seems that escape is the only way to cancel a visual selection

it would be awesome if this worked for v/shift-v/control-v modes


Re: getting out of visual selection

Ah ok, I didn't even know about that behavior, so it has been an oversight smile Since I get the detailed info on the behavior from actual testing in vim, there are often things that escape me. Thanks a lot for letting me know about this.

I will try to address this in one of the next few maintenance releases.

Best regards and Happy New Year!