Re: Match #ifdefs with percent

I use the % command all the time to match braces in my c code (very nice, thank you).  But it would be handy if they also worked on #if, #ifdef, #else, #endif blocks as well.  Also In vim you can [# to match the beginning of an #if block and ]# to match the end.


ps.  This is a real life saver and well worth the money, thanks again for such a great editor.  Now if only you could give Intellisense some brains my life would be perfect.


Re: Match #ifdefs with percent

Hi David,

I plan to implement support for #ifdef/#endif type of structures (actually, multi-character matches) in a future version. I'll let you know as soon as it is ready. I'm currently really busy with the final stretch of ViEmu/Word+Outlook, which is giving me a huge amount of headaches, but I'll return to more general vi/vim emulation futures after that is released.

Thanks for the praises and best regards,



Re: Match #ifdefs with percent

Great, I look forward to that.

Vi in Outlook makes sense (I even enabled vi keys in Firefox).  But vi in word, it would be an auto format nightmare!   Your a brave man going up against the worlds most annoying text editor.


Re: Match #ifdefs with percent

You can't imagine what I'm going through... but it's almost there. If I wrote about the hurdles I'm jumping to get word to do what I want, it would read like Dante's Divine Comedy. Every step forward shows how 4 of the previous implemented things were quite not right. And this is once I already have a fully-retargettable vi/vim emulation core! So it's just the integration that is amazingly wicked.

I've had to write the most complex caching code I ever have, and I've written quite a few!

In any case, it's starting to be actually usable (it feels kind of nice to use vi/vim editing within Word), and I've started enjoying it myself... hopefully I'll have a beta in a few days and a full version in 2-3 weeks, and others will be able to enjoy it, too.

Thanks for your support,