Re: Resharper rename typein broken

Doing a rename in Resharper 2.5 doesn't automatically enter insert mode. Additionally, performing the quick-fix "Create method XXX" over the name of a non-existing method (in red) does not go into insert mode so you cannot enter the return type, etc.


Re: Resharper rename typein broken

Hi gfodor,

Thanks for letting me know. I already added support for a few specific Resharper commands. Hopefully, it will be a matter of adding these too. I will check it and get back to you.




Re: Resharper rename typein broken

Greg, I have been trying reproduce this in a sample C# project in VS2005 with Resharper 2.5 installed.

The rename refactoring bring up a dialog box to enter the desired name, so I don't think entering insert mode would be necessary?

Regarding the other refactoring you mention (which is called "Generate Method Stub" in Resharper's context menu item), it directly inserts the method without even changing the cursor pos, so I don't understand where entering insert mode is requirement .

Please let me know more details about the scenarios you mention, so that I can see the exact place where ViEmu should be entering insert mode, and then I'll try to find a way to detect the external event in order to do it.

Thanks and best regards,



Re: Resharper rename typein broken

Hi Jon,

I am seeing this behavior too.

If you do a "rename" (F2 is the default shortcut key) on a local variable, you don't get a dialog. Instead, you get a popup, and the variable gets highlighted. I believe this is what the original poster was talking about.

I'm used to this behavior now - after I get the popup, I press "c" to enter INSERT mode and then type in the new name. That would be a workaround, but I would prefer to be put into INSERT mode automatically.

Also, once I am finished typing in the variable, it is a little bit confusing. If I hit ESC, my intention being that I want to exit INSERT mode, it cancels the edit I just made instead.

Again, I'm used to this behavior too, and the workaround for that is to hit RETURN once to confirm the edit, and then hit ESC to exit INSERT mode.

Let me know if you need any clarification. You've always been very responsive to these requests, so I thank you in advance.

Best regards!


Re: Resharper rename typein broken

ding3r, I have followed up with the original poster by email. The 'rename' issue is fixed in build 2.0.56:


It had stopped working after Resharper went from 2.0 to 2.5, and they renamed the command (from "ResharperAddin2005.Rename" to "ResharperAddin25.Rename"), so ViEmu wasn't detecting it properly any more. This is fixed in the new build.

The reason I had not announced it yet is that I'm trying to fix the other problem he reported, namely, entering insert mode when the quick-fix "Create method XXX" is used. I'm in touch with the developers of Resharper, but I'm afraid I'll have a non-perfect fix (entering insert mode when the quickfix lightbulb is clicked, instead of when the actual refactor is issued) - there seems to be no way to actually detect their command.

I'm aware of the Esc-Enter problem. It is virtually impossible for me to fix, as they detect the Enter to finish the rename, and I detect the Esc to finish it myself. You could try getting them to detect whether ViEmu is present (there is a public interface for that, and I'm happy to help), and to understand Esc as an <OK> keypress too.

You can use the build above, and I'll post here and announce the new build (with other fixes too) as soon as it's ready.




Re: Resharper rename typein broken

Just thought I'd let you know this issue is there again (the not auto entering insert when renaming inline) with Resharper 4.1

I imagine there are other conflicts given your changelog does not mention 4.x


Re: Resharper rename typein broken

Hello Hastarin,

Would you be able to let me know the exact name of the Resharper command that ViEmu is not detecting? If you know the keypress, you can go to Tools|Options|Keyboard, tap it in the "Key" box, and the full command name will show up. If you are using a menu, it may be showing the keybinding that is bound to it. That will help me locate it and add the case. Resharper has the bad habit of renaming commands in different releases, so I have to update ViEmu to also work with the more recent comments.


  -- Jon