Re: How can I use my RegKey.dat?

I have a registered key (regkey.dat file), but it seems that registering method is changed.

Last 2 years I have not used it, because I  have used linux.

How can I use ViEmu again?


Re: How can I use my RegKey.dat?


I sent you the details by email. But here they are too, just in case, for anybody else that may be checking.

Since ViEmu 2.5, there is a new license-key system. It's necessary to download the new-style license key to use it with the new ViEmu versions, by going to the new customer area and using the email address used when purchasing with the password recovery mechanism:


Once logged in, it is possible to download the new-style key. This key will work fine with ViEmu/VS "Classic" 2.5.4, for VS 2002 to VS 2008. If bought over a year ago, to use ViEmu/VS2010 it will be necessary to renew support for one year for $29. This will allow using all new versions of ViEmu/VS “Classic” and of ViEmu/VS2010 that are released during one more year. The button to purchase renewal is at the bottom of the customer panel.

Also, here is all the background info on the new licensing system:



  -- Jon