Re: Solution Explorer activation doesn't work

I just upgraded to 2.0.53 from an old 1.4 build, and my shortcuts to open the Solution Explorer no longer work.  I typically have that pane pinned and hidden on the side, and activation will slide it into view.  It still works if I use the menu option, but keyboard commands do not work.  It was originally ctrl-shift-L, and I've tried other key mappings that also do not work.  Any ideas?


Re: Solution Explorer activation doesn't work

Changing the keyboard mapping file back to my own seemed to do the trick.


Re: Solution Explorer activation doesn't work

I see you found it out yourself - yes, 2.0 installation can in some cases cause problems with VS keybindings. Restoring the keyboard mapping will work ok, with the only limit that Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V won't properly restore/remove keybindings when toggling ViEmu on and off. Follow the guidelines here to fix this, if this is VS2005 (you already did the first part):


If you are using VS.NET 2003, let me know so that I can post the method to do it.

I am planning to bring the new ViEmu/Word&Outlook key interception method to ViEmu/VS, which will fix this problem.

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