Re: ViEmu for Word & Outlook 1.0.5 available

Hello everyone,

I have uploaded a new build of ViEmu for Word and Outlook, version 1.0.5. This counts with a lot of feedback from users and extensive using on my part (I've switched back from Thunderbird, which I was using because of better IMAP support, to Outlook).

This is the link to download it:


You need to uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

This is the list of issues fixed since 1.0.3 (quite a few!):

   - When in insert mode, break undo group with a mouse click, so that 'u' doesn't undo too much
   - dd in last line of a cell erased whole cell, now it only erases the line
   - Cursor in last, empty line of a cell highlights whole cell, now it just shows a cursor
   - Cursor in 'deleted' track-changes mark appears in bubble, fixed
   - Going back to a document where the cursor was out of view scrolled the cursor into view, not any more
   - Remove UndoGroup bookmark when closing/saving (doesn't work when sending mail)
   - Undo/redo in Word 2003 went to the start of the document after undoing/redoing an insert mode session
   - After undo/redo, it sometimes entered visual mode on its own
   - Exiting insert mode in an empty line (after CR) auto-entered visual mode
   - Crash when doing Ctrl-R " in insert mode when the contents of the clipboard was just a newline
   - Crash when doing /^R" to retrieve a one-char 'newline' char for search or an ex command
   - Update status bar in all documentes when ViEmu disabled
   - fFtT motions extra matches: '-' to — &ndash, " and ' to smart quotes, etc…
   - Ctrl-O didn't work to come back after Ctrl-click on link or table of contents
   - Sometimes, when an autocorrection happens in Outlook 2007, a character is lost

Please let me know about any other problems that come up so that I can address them as soon as possible.

Thanks and best regards,