Re: Highlight active line?

This is not a viemu issue per say but one of my favorite Vim features is the ability to highlight the active line (where the cursor is).  On my dual monitor setup with small fonts it is easy to loose the cursor when switching between windows.  Does anyone know how to set the background color of the current line in Visual Studio 2005, or  better yet draw a box around the line like slick edit?



Re: Highlight active line?

Hi David,

Unfortunately, there is no way to do that in Visual Studio per se. ViEmu doesn't provide it, either. I have thought about adding it some time.

Could you let me know how this is interfaced/configured in vim? It may make sense to try to do it the same way in ViEmu.

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Re: Highlight active line?

I found a quick and dirty workaround, it turns out there is a free add in from slick edit that gives you an approximation of this. http://www.slickedit.com/content/view/441

there is no standard vim way just a bunch of scripts:


Re: Highlight active line?

Thanks for sharing, David! I will consider something for a future release of ViEmu/VS.