Re: Wishlist: Source ex-command and Status Bar Tweaks

I've been aware of ViEmu for some time (and use gVim and Vimperator already) and now that I'm actively using Visual Studio 2010 every day now (and SQL Management Studio nearly every other day) I'm once again contemplating the purchase of a ViEmu license.

Downloaded the trial and have a few obvious wishlist items from the "out of the box" experience:

1) I use a different keyboard layout (Colemak) and custom keybindings in gVim and Vimperator for it. I don't have a problem with working to rewrite my bindings from vim to work with ViEmu, but I noticed right off the bat that there seems to be an obvious missing ex-command that would make the task much easier: :source file, which would allow me to more easily tweak a .viemurc file (without needing to restart Visual Studio every time). (It is also useful for breaking apart large .vi*rc/*.vim files into component parts.)

(I would try keybinding with the VS2010 if I didn't already know that I'd want to be able to easily compare with my other to .vi*rc files and also to make it easier to copy my .viemurc file to other systems/tools.)

2) I'm not quite sure I like the way the ViEmu status bar works with VS2010. Would it be possible to make it a separate panel from the default VS status messages (rather than squashing them)? I think it would be nice to default ViEmu's status font to Consolas.

Vimperator (currently) uses two status bars to give enough room for Firefox status information and its own vim-like information. I could see ViEmu possibly doing the same. Although I'm wondering if the best place to put ViEmu status might be at the bottom of text editor windows themselves rather than at the bottom of the shell. I think that might be something interesting to try if you have the chance to experiment with that.

Anyway, I'm going to keep evaluating and submit any other things that I notice.


Re: Wishlist: Source ex-command and Status Bar Tweaks

+1 to both of these suggestions.  Especially the suggestion that it would be nice to have the ViEmu status bar separate from the VS one.

I always have build output set to go to a full window rather than a docked window at the bottom, and in VS2010 when using F4 to go to the next compile error in a build, if the compile error is in a different file, then when it switches to the location of the error, the ViEmu input status in the status bar (e.g. -- NORMAL --) overwrites the error message that would normally appear there.   This means I then need to switch back to the error message window to see what the specific error was, rather than just being able to see it on the status bar.