Re: VIEMU versus VIM

I am testing out ViEmu and so far I have to say I love it! I do notice a couple of inconsistencies between Vim and ViEmu. (I use Vim on Unix/Linux about 10% of the time and GVim on Windows about 90% of the time)

Shift lock versus shift key: I'm guessing this is a concious decision on your part or a limitation in the interface to VS, but ViEmu differs from Vim on how it handles the shift lock. Vim treats a shift lock as if the shift key were held down. Obviously not so with ViEmu. E.g. In normal mode, pressing A with shift lock down does not bring you to the end of the line.

Windows clipboard and command/find: In ViEmu, pressing '/' for find and then trying to paste from the windows clipboard doesn't paste the text to the find line, but actually pastes it into the current location of the screen. This works in GVim and is quite handy for searching for text from another Windows application, for instance another GVim instance since you can't Yank and Put across instances of GVim. The same issue is true for ':' and paste.

That being said, I think you've done an amazing job. I was quite skeptical at first, but I decided to try it because of reading this group and seeing how responsive you are to customer issues/questions. After giving it a test drive, I doubt I'll be able to live without it now. Thanks for the great tool!


Re: VIEMU versus VIM

Hello Bill,

Thanks a lot for the compliments, I'm very glad you are enjoying ViEmu. I try to be as responsive as I can and fix issues as soon as possible.

With regards to the first consistency issue you bring up, ViEmu does actually handle capslock like that by default, because I find it better, but it can easily be turned off in the settings dialog (uncheck "Ignore CAPS LOCK state in NORMAL"). I tend to press capslock by mistake, and this is helpful for me.

Regarding pasting from the windows clipboard in the command line (either '/' or ':', they're handled the same), can you clarify what you are doing and what you are expecting? I do 'Ctrl-R *' or 'Ctrl-R "' and I get the contents of the system clipboard pasted in the command line (Ctrl-R followed by an alphanumeric character also works in order to retrieve the contents of a named register) - this should work fine, so please let me know the specific behavior so that I can try to fix it if it doesnt.

Thanks and best regards,



Re: VIEMU versus VIM

The obsessive compulsive in me insists that I pedantically inform you of the following, even though I know that you almost certainly knew this already.

You can yank/put across instances of gVim, you just have to use the '*' register. If you're really hurting for compatibility, you can even make this your default register to yank into.

please now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.



Re: VIEMU versus VIM

Hi Afton,

Thanks for the detailing. Actually, ViEmu emulates vim's behavior in this regard - the only difference is that there is a setting in ViEmu to use the '*' register by default when no register specifier is given, and this setting is on by default. If you go to the ViEmu settings dialog, and uncheck the "Use Windows clipboard by default" option, raw yanks/pastes (y, p, etc...) will use the internal register, and "* will be required to use the Windows clipboard.

This is turned on by default because I feel it provides a better integration with Windows and the rest of Visual Studio, the setting is there for those that prefer the more faithful emulation. Since nobody had complained until now I think it's no big deal smile

Thanks in any case for pointing this out! It's much appreciated, and it gives me an excuse to provide the rationale behind the design.

Best regards and have a great weekend,



Re: VIEMU versus VIM

I encountered the same issue pasting from the clipboard into commands or searches. In gvim, in addition to Ctrl-R *, you can use Shift-Insert to paste (or if you have the evil Windows keybindings enabled, you can use Ctrl-V). In ViEmu, those keys paste into the editor buffer even when entering a command or search.

I see no reason for ViEmu to emulate the classic vi Ctrl-V behavior (and it doesn't), so it seems reasonable to paste on Ctrl-V (in addition to Shift-Insert) in command/search entry mode.

This isn't a big deal to me, but the ViEmu behavior caught me by surprise.


Re: VIEMU versus VIM

Shift-Ins is bound to Edit.Paste by VS's keybinding mechanism. As with all VS-bound keys, ViEmu doesn't even see it. If you unbind it in VS (Tools|Options|Keyboard), it can be mapped by ViEmu's mechanism any way you want (:cmap or :cnoremap for the command/search entry, etc...). Same happens with Ctrl-V.

Let me know if the current configuration mechanism is insufficient for the behavior you want, and we can try to find some solution.