Re: Black hole register?

I often find I need to copy a word from one place and paste it over another. In Vim I put the cursor in the first word and do:

yiw        ( "yank inner word" )

Then I move the cursor to the word to be replaced and do:

"_diwP    ( "to blackhole delete inner word paste-before" )

The blackhole register doesn't seem to exist in ViEmu, is that right? I can use another register, but I like that with the blackhole register I don't need to think about it and I already use that in Vim. Is there a way to enable the blackhole register in ViEmu, or might it appear in a future version?

Also, am I missing a trick? Is there a neater way to do this? And is there any way to make the combined delete-and-paste action into an atomic action that can be repeated with "."?