Re: Ctrl-E doesn't work

ViEmu 2.5.14
VS 2010 Ult
Win7 Pro x64

I can't get Ctrl-E to bind the appropriate Vi command.  In Tools->Customize->Keyboard I see that Ctrl-E is bound to ViEmu.KeypressCtrlE, but when I press Ctrl-E in the editor I get the status bar message, "Ctrl-E pressed, waiting for second key in chord".

Any ideas on what might be going wrong?


Re: Ctrl-E doesn't work

Are there any other commands assigned to Ctrl+E shortcut? ViEmu sets Ctrl+E as a shortcut in the 'Text Editor' scope, which should take precedence over other commands assigned to Ctrl+E in other scopes, such as 'global' or 'Workflow Designer'.
I'm sure you know this, but if you press Ctrl+E while in the 'Press shortcut keys:' textbox, it'll show you all the commands currentry assigned to that shortcut, along with the scope they've been set for. Please check that there are no other shortcuts set that may be taking precedence over ViEmu.


-- Isaac