Topic: gd behavior

gd currently performs exactly like gvim does.  It goes to the first usage within the file of the word  that is currently under the cursor.  I don't know if it is worth consideration but it would be really cool if it actually went to the actual declaration of the word under the cursor.

Sometimes a variable name is used in more than one method in a class.  If I press gd while on that variable, it goes to the first place in the file it is used.  It would be cool if it goes to the definition in that method.  I have ReSharper installed and ctrl-b does what I am asking but I am use to using gd because another vi plugin for a different ide behaves that way.

I understand if you prefer not to implement this but, to me, it is more logical to go to the actual declaration.


Re: gd behavior

Hi jnothstine, thanks for the suggestion;
The fact is that we are taking note about ideas and suggestions from ViEmu users and the TO-DO list is so long that I don't see this in the near term! Regards.