Topic: ViEmu Output Window and :ls

In VS 2010 with ViEmu 2.5.14, when I use :ls to list the currently open buffers, ViEmu switches to the output tab.  However, if the output tab was last used to show output from a different function (e.g. build, or a debug run), then although it switches to the output tab, it doesn't show the output from the ViEmu command, but rather what was previously shown.  To view the ViEmu output, I have to manually select ViEmu from the "Show output from" dropdown.

Also it would be nice if each time I did an :ls, ViEmu cleared its output buffer so that the output of previous :ls commands were not visible (I use :ls a lot for buffer management and switching!).


Re: ViEmu Output Window and :ls

Hi Imron

Every ideas about ViEmu improvement are welcome and the list of things to do is growing everyday thanks to user.